Our Advanced Threat Hunting tools allow us to:

  • Free up time for our incident responders and threat analysts

  • Identify unknown threats at big scale

  • Reduce threat discovery time

  • Reduce false positives ratios

We combine artificial intelligence, automation, top talent analysts and data scientists to better identify hidden threats

End-to-end Endpoint Protection


Predictive technologies mining high volume of data daily, identifying early-stage threats in real-time. This is done similarly to identifying sequences in a DNA, thus revealing the full enterprise-wide effect as well as the threats’ journey inside your network, files, memory, devices and operating systems.


Analyzing big data through a combination of behavioural analysis performed by our AI engines and research and investigations by our AI scientists and threat analysts. We use “dynamic” detection technology that can provide behavioural identification and threat timeline which is mandatory for deep and advanced investigation capabilities.


On the endpoint, our real-time in-memory detection on system processes capabilities enable us to identify suspicious activities. Our Security Operation Center, via the use of our investigation tools, can analyze suspicious behaviours and anomalies on big data information coming in from the endpoints and other sensors.

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