We perform an in-depth cybersecurity maturity and gap analysis, assess risks and identify vulnerabilities to digital assets. We also evaluate potential exposure and map risks against protection costs as well as provide executive-level reporting for security investments.


We design and implement a comprehensive program facing existing and future enterprise risks. This includes strategy, organizational structure, governance, data protection, policies and procedures, training and more. We also ensure that all best practices are met through ongoing guidance on IT policies and procedures.


We provide a pragmatic plan outlining the key steps to take during an event, with annual planning exercises and drill testing to assess the readiness of your team.


We assess your system’s and infrastructure’s technical design and recommend audit controls which should be implemented to protect your business-critical systems.


We deliver ongoing detection and response monitoring services and complete a quarterly review with your team to go through current statuses and updates to any plans and/or roadmaps.


We will present annual reports and presentations to you and executive management with detailed updates on progress towards predefined cybersecurity goals and regulatory requirements.

Threat Lab

We will simulate realistic, non-destructive attack scenarios in your environment in order to improve remediation response. Our threat lab team closely mimics a real attacker’s active and stealthy attack methods seen on real recent incident response engagements. This helps assess your security team’s ability to detect and respond to an active attacker scenario.

How vulnerable are you?

Use our assessment, strategy and implementation consulting services to extend your capabilities addressing gaps and to build effective programs in order to meet industry and business requirements

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