We have true threat hunting DNA and we just love it.

Most of us come from the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Cyber Security army units with deep knowledge of advanced threats.

We are now looking for a few good men and women and we’re offering a variety of opportunities for individuals who are innovative, dedicated, and driven to excellence, from cyber analysts & hunters to kernel & full-stack software engineering, SOC professionals, sales, customer service, and more.  We provide a pleasant working environment that nurtures professional growth and career advancement.

If you’re looking for a job with a mission to match your skills then we’d love to hear from you.

“Having a long experience in developing code in different environments, Silverbolt is a wonderful environment to widen my experience in multiple disciplines from native coding to UI. Here I can work with the best experts in SW development and have a meaningful position with real effect on the code and final product.”

Rachel Chocron

“Silverbolt is an impressive startup at the forefront of technology with a very unique approach to cybersecurity. Contributing to building our cutting-edge AI-based solution is quite an adventure!”

Daniel Cohen Gindi

“I’m really glad I joined Silverbolt. It offers a pleasant working environment in a transparent organization from the top down with plenty of opportunities to make an impact with my expertise while learning new things every day.”

Jerry Clapperton

“I’ve been in the cybersecurity space for a long time and there is definitely something more to Silverbolt. Smart people, highly advanced technology and a new and disruptive way to address detection and response is a powerful combination.”

Dor Naaman

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