the only endpoint installation we need to provide our services

Silverbolt Endpoint Protection agent provides a complete solution to stop cyber attacks before damages and losses occur. It protects against all types of threats such as ransomwares, malwares, exploits, browser related, in-memory and more.

We combine endpoint technology, unified threat AI technologies and a team of hunters working to determine attack sources quickly, thus significantly decreasing time-to-response.


Silverbolt AI Agent is the first ever Endpoint Protection specifically designed for services


Investigation & Hunting tuned data collection


Enhanced remote response capabilities


Shared threat intelligence between our service platform, endpoints and threat lab


Enhanced continuous monitoring capabilities

Our AI agent empowers your endpoint protection, responding instantly to attacks and reducing response time from hours to minutes.

Forensics and analysis can take months if you do it yourself

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End-to-end Endpoint Protection


A complete AI-based endpoint and service platform technology to stop advanced attacks at the earliest stages.


End-to-end protection against unknown and fileless attacks, malwares, exploits, ransomwares and more.

Threat Hunting

Automated investigation, discovery, and response.

Attack vectors we protect you from with unlimited scope

We do “dynamic”, “pre”, “on” and “post execution” prevention with automated threat hunting to stop cyber-attacks at the earliest stages and across their lifecycle.

  • Endpoints protection against all types of threats

  • Dynamic & static AI-based detection

  • Automated incident investigation

  • Malware activity timeline and behavioural analysis

  • Fast on-boarding, fully operational in seconds

  • Low impact on endpoints


“of successful compromises involved Fileless techniques that are 10x more likely to succeed than traditional file-based attacks” – Ponemon Institute.

Learn, Adapt & Detect

Our technology works in a similar way to identifying sequences in a DNA, but in real-time. We are not only able to detect these attacks’
behavior during early stages but can also reveal their full enterprise-wide effect as well as their journey inside your network, files, memory, devices and operating systems.

We have a dynamic detection technology that as opposed to traditional static technology, can provide behavioural analysis and threat timeline which is mandatory for deep and advanced investigation capabilities.



Prevention, Detection, Log & Secured Communications

Customer Portal
Actionable Intelligence, Alert Triage, Threat Hunting, Automated Response

Private Cloud
Malware analysis, investigation & forensics tools.

SIEM, SOAR and interfaces to third-party EDR, Threat Intelligence, Network devices and IT solutions