Our AI-based self developed platform includes a low footprint agent, private cloud-based management, automated response and advanced threat hunting & analysis tools. Our Security Operation Center (SOC) runs next-generation SOC tools and is managed by our Incident First Responders and Customer Success teams.

Silverbolt predictive technologies affect both detection and response strategies, which allows us to produce automated response and advanced investigation intelligence. The tools are also empowered by an orchestration platform to communicate and mitigate the risks of cyber events.

This digital intelligence is being deployed in both our Endpoint products and private cloud tools. The two feed each other, along with inputs from our AI scientists, threat hunters and forensics analysts, to constantly adapt and respond, stopping cyber-attacks in seconds. That is why we are not only able to block known and unknown malwares, but also to detect their fingerprinting and enterprise-wide lateral movements, providing threats activity reports.

Learn, Adapt & Detect

Silverbolt technology works similar to identifying sequences in a DNA, but in real-time. We are not only able to detect these attacks’ behavior in early stages, but can also reveal their full enterprise-wide effect as well as their journey inside your network, files, memory, devices and operating systems.

We have a dynamic detection technology that as opposed to static technology, can provide behavioural analysis and threat timeline which is mandatory for deep and advanced investigation capabilities.

Our technology allows us to

  • Process threat related big data from multiple sources (processed threats, external threat intel enrichment services, etc.)

  • Provide forensics insights with simple, prioritized visualization of events

  • Predict the malware behavior, hunting their next action.

  • Automate strategic incident response and AI-based actionable intelligence.

  • Pinpoint complex threats, real time activity, familiar threat and threat DNA.

  • Become more prepared for the next time

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