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Business continuity and resilience can only exist with ongoing monitoring and auditing and making sure you are up-to-date with the best and latest technologies so that you are protected and covered at all times. Silverbolt delivers the industry’s most advanced Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service to protect your organization with our 24/7 best-of-breed prevention capabilities against known and unknown cyber threats.

Sophisticated attacks require a proactive defense approach combining a skilled team and advanced technology. With our unified security methodologies and technologies for preventing advanced attacks, stopping ongoing attacks, and hunting threats at the earliest stage, you can now drastically reduce your exposure without the burden of managing technology or hiring a dedicated and trained professional staff.

Our services includes:

  • Enhanced continuous endpoint monitoring & prevention

  • Tuned investigation & hunting data collection

  • Full cycle threat detection

  • Proactive threat hunting

  • Enhanced remote response capabilities

  • Detailed forensic investigation and threat validation

  • Shared threat intelligence between our orchestration, investigation platform and endpoints

  • 24/7 monitoring, real time alerts, dashboard reports and case management

Our technology supports:

  • A complete AI-based endpoint and service platform technology to stop advanced attacks at the earliest stages

  • End-to-end protection against unknown and fileless attacks, malwares, exploits, ransomwares and more.

  • Automated investigation, discovery and response

  • Enhanced AI-based orchestrated investigation tools

  • Advanced threat analysis shared across our entire platform

we are different


Our team combines top SOC professionals, incident responders, forensic analysts, threat hunters and customer success managers, along with R&D software engineers and AI data scientists. These experts, most of which come from the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Cyber Security army units, have developed our own AI-based unified Detection and Response products and tools.


Silverbolt leverages the ultimate power of our own unified cyber service platform providing AI-based endpoint protection, advanced threat hunting & analysis tools with leading-edge automation & orchestration. You gain better protection with our consolidated services and the strong bond between our team, technologies and services.

Affordable, any size

If you thought MDR services costs are too high for your business, think again. You will find our pricing highly competitive for small, medium and large organizations, starting with 100 seats and up. Together with our FREE Endpoint Protection product included in all of our price plans, you receive unbeatable savings.

Nobody is safe – fortify yourself with our managed detection and response

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