What Makes Us Unique

SILVERBOLT provides enhanced Managed Detection & Response services with dedicated AI research and R&D teams developing our own defense technologies to enhanced response, threat hunting and services tools. We are skilled cyber experts with proven hands-on experience and are here to protect you.

We are in the business of protecting you

Business continuity and resilience can only exist with ongoing monitoring and auditing, making sure you are up-to-date, protected and covered at all times. Your customer experience is extremely important for us, so we will make sure you are properly shielded in the next cyber attack campaign.

What makes us a TEAM

We have true threat hunting DNA and we just love it. Most of us are coming from the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Cyber Security army units with deep knowledge of advanced threats defense and offense. And along with the experts who developed our AI-based core technologies which provide Endpoint Detection & Response and Advanced Threat Hunting & Analysis tools that combination makes all the difference when in the business of protecting your digital assets and resilience.

So who’s with us?

Incident First Responders

24/7 Cyber firefighters, rapidly addressing security incidents and threats. Continuously monitor, triage and escalate relevant threats.


24/7 help desk professionals maintaining a superb customer experience and resilience under strict SLA standards.


Live forensics acquisition & analysis of critical complex systems empowered by our AI-based advanced analysis engines.


Constantly uncovers incidents that your organization would otherwise not find out. Replicate attacks to test how to better prevent, detect and remediate.

AI & Data

Detect advanced, always-mutating threats, from known to unknown by deploying bleeding-edge AI research, empowering both our endpoint protection and analysis engines.

Cyber Software Engineers

Software development gurus specializing in the cyber defense space. Full-stack capabilities from kernel to big data, deep learning and analysis systems.

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