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24/7 Detection & Response services, enriched with self-developed AI-based technologies

Multi-disciplinary cyber team, from analysts to engineers and scientists

Endpoint Protection is included at no additional cost, in ALL of our price plans.

First ever, true free price plan for Detection & Response SERVICES

Managed Detection & Response Services

Business continuity and resilience can only exist with ongoing monitoring and auditing, making sure you are up-to-date with the best technologies, protected and covered at all times. We provide reliable and affordable 24/7 Detection & Response managed services, enriched with our unified AI-based core technologies to better protect your digital assets and to continuously manage and deliver your business prospects despite adverse cyber events.

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Our Team

SILVERBOLT has dedicated AI research and R&D teams developing our own technologies to enhance our protection, response, threat hunting and service tools. We are skilled cyber experts with proven hands-on experience and true threat hunting DNA and we just love it. Most of us come from the Ministry of Defense and Cyber Security army units with deep knowledge of advanced threats defense and offense.

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FREE Endpoint Protection Agent Inside

Use our Endpoint Protection which is included at no additional cost, in ALL of our service plans. Not only is our cutting-edge AI-based product the only protection we require against known and unknown cyber attacks, it also allows you to save money since it is included in all of our services price plans, for FREE. In addition, this is the first ever Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) product specifically designed for services.

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1st ever MDR free plan

The term “free plan” usually refers to products. In our case, it also relates to our Managed Detection & Response services which we think you will find unique. In a nutshell, our “free plan” includes service and endpoint protection licenses for up to 5 seats. For more information, terms and conditions, please refer to our pricing.

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