7 Reasons Why Silverbolt

  • Managed services
    with our own AI technology

    24/7 Managed Detection & Response enriched with our self-developed AI-based core technologies providing full-stack Endpoint Protection, Advanced Threat Hunting & Analysis tools. You gain better protection with our consolidated services and the strong bond between our team, technologies and services.

  • Endpoint
    Protection inside!

    Our Designed-For-Service Endpoint Protection agent is included at no additional cost in ALL of our price plans and it is the only endpoint installation we need in order to provide our services. This can be translated into cost savings of $12,000 and above per annum…

  • team aside Technologies
    our true bond

    We have true threat hunting DNA and we just love it. Most of us come from the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Cyber Security army units. Our team is multi-disciplinary, from analysts to engineers and scientists, offering incident response while developing our own AI-based hybrid products and tools.

  • You shouldn’t
    do it yourself

    It would be far more expensive and would require time & effort to recruit skilled cyber personnel, choose the right technologies and nurture advanced cyber defense know-how. We believe you will eventually conclude that our annual prices are merely a fraction of your own costs.

  • Competitive prices
    any size of business

    You will find our services costs competitive for small, medium and large organizations starting with 100 seats and up. Together with our FREE Endpoint Protection product, you are granted with unbeatable cost savings.

  • unique free plan

    First ever, true free price plan for Managed Detection & Response SERVICES. Yes, you heard us right…

  • Few minutes and you're in; Don’t wait, act now

    Easy to use with automatic activation, protecting your first endpoints within minutes. The total number of subscribers eligible for a free plan during our pre-launch is limited, so hurry and secure your registration now.